Jensen Huang says Children Will No Longer Need To Learn To Code - He believes AI should handle it instead.

At the recent World Government Summit in Dubai, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made a counterintuitive break with what he thinks is a long tradition of tech CEOs advising youngsters to learn how to code. Huang argued that, even at this early stage of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, programming is no longer a vital skill. With coding taken care of by AI, humans can instead focus on more valuable expertise like biology, education, manufacturing, or farming, reasoned the Nvidia head.

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, argues that we should stop saying kids should learn to code. He argues the rise of AI means we can replace programming languages with human language prompts thus enabling everyone to be a programmer.

For a long time, people in the tech industry have said that learning computer science and how to code is very important for young people. This has been the common message for about 10 to 15 years. However, Jensen Huang, the CEO of a company called Nvidia, believes the opposite is true.

According to Huang, our goal should be creating technology that people can use without needing to learn how to code. He wants computers to understand human language, so everyone can give them instructions in the way we naturally speak. In his view, this is the magic of artificial intelligence. In this future, everyone would be a “programmer” because they could tell computers what to do using normal words, not needing to learn complex coding languages.

“It is our job to create computing technology such that nobody has to program. And that the programming language is human,” Jensen Huang told the summit attendees. “Everybody in the world is now a programmer. This is the miracle of artificial intelligence.”

Jensen Huang, said that children shouldn’t necessarily learn how to code, which is like learning a special language for computers. Instead, he thinks they should focus on other things that are more important.

Mr. Huang explained that there are already clever machines called artificial intelligence (AI) that can do a lot of coding by themselves. This means that people won’t need to learn this special language themselves in the future. They can use their time to become experts in other areas, like studying plants and animals (biology), helping others learn (education), making things (manufacturing), or growing food (farming). These are just a few examples, and there are many other important things people can learn and do.

According to Mr. Huang, with the help of AI, the only language people will ever need is the one they already know best – their own native language. This way, people can focus on using their skills and knowledge to do amazing things in different fields, without having to spend time learning a separate language just for computers.

People still need to learn how to use AI programming, according to Huang. He says it’s important for everyone to learn new skills, and he thinks it will be fun and surprising.

A tech expert named Patrick Moorhead talked about this on Twitter. He said that people have been saying for years that new technology will replace coding, but we still need coders. He compared it to when computers changed how we make art, but didn’t stop creativity.

Moorhead also mentioned a study that showed AI is taking some freelance jobs, like writing and translation. But there are more jobs in software development since AI came around. We’ll have to wait and see how AI affects jobs in the future.

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