The Music Of ‘Hazbin Hotel’ Hits 10 Billboard Charts

Amazon’s show Hazbin Hotel is a big hit. It’s the most successful animated series ever on the streaming platform. People love watching it, and they also love the music in it.

Hazbin Hotel is a cartoon with songs, and the songs are getting really popular. This week, music from the show is on 10 different Billboard charts. That’s pretty amazing for a new show. And there are multiple songs from Hazbin Hotel on some of the charts, which shows how popular it has become really quickly.

Hazbin Hotel’s first season soundtrack came incredibly close to securing a spot in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart this week. The album debuted at an impressive No. 13, making it one of the most-consumed albums in the United States. Luminate reported that the soundtrack amassed over 35,600 equivalent units, reflecting its strong performance.

The majority of these units came from streaming platforms, indicating a significant digital presence for the album. This success also translated to Billboard’s Top Streaming Albums chart, where Hazbin Hotel season one claimed the No. 13 spot, mirroring its position on the Billboard 200.

However, despite its impressive streaming numbers, the album did not fare as well in terms of physical sales. It failed to make an impact on the Top Album Sales chart, highlighting a discrepancy between its digital and physical performance. Nonetheless, the soundtrack’s strong showing on streaming platforms signals a promising start for the Hazbin Hotel franchise in the music industry.

Then there are the Hazbin Hotel songs. Three tracks–“Poison,” “Respectless,” and “More Than Anything”–have been chosen by fans as their favorites, and they appear on a number of Billboard charts. Depending on the ranking, sometimes all three find space, while in other instances, it’s just one or two. The tracks are credited to a mix of both the actors and composers behind the tunes, with names like Blake Roman, Sam Haft, Andrew Underberg, Daphne Rubin-Vega, James Monroe Iglehart, and Lilli Cooper all appearing on the rankings.

This week, songs from Hazbin Hotel are doing really well on different charts. They’re on eight charts, like Hot Rock & Alternative Songs, Hot Rock Songs, and more.

The success of Hazbin Hotel on the Billboard charts is truly remarkable, especially considering how recently the show premiered. Debuting on Amazon in the middle of January, it didn’t take long for the music from the series to start gaining traction on various music lists. Fans eagerly consumed the program, and their enthusiasm quickly translated into chart success for the soundtrack. Since then, the momentum has only continued to build, with Hazbin Hotel’s music consistently climbing higher and higher on the charts. It’s a testament to the quality of the show and the passion of its fanbase.

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